The LTO Ultrium Excellent Line Of Storage Cartridges

turtle-case-image-7The linear tape attributes some remarkable and exceptional characteristics these are extremely economic with back-up skills and tremendous storage. Fast growing corporate and digital degree advice created an enormous challenge for enterprises and many companies all over the world. To meet with these difficulties that were growing IBM, HP, and Seagate developed this notion. Its exceptional airflow computation raised its durability and fell heat indulgence through the drive for better dependability. High-quality gripper technology that is smart improved durability, protected interlocks the cartridge leader pit for the fails-safe cartridge.

These quality technologies lower the overall prices, reduce the load, and unload time from drive during the trade of tips to cartridge. Fans and the Ultrium drive management supply is competent to consumable with no remove the autoloader from the stand, reducing money and valuable time by keeping far from the onsite repair that is pricey. These LTO 1 Tapes are incredibly wholesome and difficult option for most advantageous, long-term procedures and protection of information that is precious.

The linear tape remedy offers the broad variety of capacities, speed, and protection of data that is significant. The LTO Ultrium technology and high-quality technologies combined as well construct with some seasoned reputable procedures that were quite useful. The first generation offers 100-200GB capacity with exceptional 20-40MB/Sec data transfer rate of high-class superb attribute to create this linear tape media cartridge that is open. The LTO2 Tapes, improved with double capacity with 200- improved data transfer rate of 40 and 400GB -80MB/ Second with attributes that are all elementary that are enriched the same layout and compact size offers functionality that is better than its first tape. Linear tape always enhanced open with an adoption of high-class technologies that developed in recent time and in past.


The LTO 3 Tapes embraced a WROM (Write Once Read Many) technologies which used in past magnetic and optical media formats and stops compliance associated information form overwriting, alternation, and prohibited erasing. Improved storage capacity 400-800GB with some trusted and exceptional coating and dispersion technologies as well use of high-quality metal particles.

The LTO 4 Cassettes, uses all characteristics that are elementary with the adoption of hardware-based encryption technology this AES 256-bit data encryption functionality competent to shield information loss during the quick and intensive trade of media. The LTO offering 800-1600 and continuing increased data storage capacity with every new generation GB saving skill and more quick with secure data transfer speed of 120-240MB/Sec. The data tracks always raised with the same width of 1265mm as well cassette span, the first generation offers 384, second 512, third 704 and fourth 896 respectively. Its dependability enhanced despite performing and constantly raised in data tracks exceptional read and write the function without losing any important failure or information.

The LTO 5 Cassettes enhanced this entire fundamental characteristic as well turtle-case-image-9break the storage skill bearer first time in linear tape technology that was open. Enriched coating and dispersion procedures and with use of ultra fine metal particles LTO cassettes first time offers 15TB native and 30TB of compressed storage capacity with quick and safe 140-280MB/Sec data transfer speed. From LTO3 on every generation offers WORM label cartridge with AES data encryption technology. The fifth generation additionally enhanced data tracks 1280 on same width and 846M long cassette that was. The LTO 6 Cassettes, which developed in 2012 and continuing enriched its fundamental characteristics with improved 25TB native and 625TB in compressed information with immense improved data transfer speed of 160-400MB/Sec.

Excellent line of LTO Ultrium media cartridge offers outstanding protection of archive files, high speeds, and enormous storage capacities. Stutch Data offers the best media transport and storage cases including the reliable and trusted turtle case. Learn more about different types of cases to avoid scratches and other problems in your data storage devices.