Shielding Your Back-Up

turtle-case-image-3Most of the companies now have some sort of back-up policy. I’ve seen even the smallest business owners choose their Information Copy on Optical media or across the network on another PC. The ones that are diligent do it on Removable Cassette media.

Nonetheless, most of the IT managers forget that as significant it’s to take copy, it is equally vital that you safeguard the back-up media. What great is the copy, if your Tape comprising back-up is lying next for your computer screen, exposed as your PC to exactly the same physical dangers?

For to ensure business continuity and maximum protection of your information, it is always recommended to save your back-up data off site. It is safer where your chief info is lying when it is physically isolated in the surroundings. With offsite storage of your back-up information, it is safe in the variables which may risk your primary data (Fire, flooding etc).

Big corporate use third party media storage services to save their backup media off the website. Nevertheless for the companies that are smaller, this type of service isn’t economic. For such medium and small business the best option would be to save their info in a safe that’s waterproof and fireproof.

Your Copy Is Not No Bad Is The Back-Up Media Isn’t Stowed Safely

Consider an IT manager who backs up the information on his LTO-4 info cassettes. Yet the information tapes are saved in his drawer close to his workstation. Picture flooding, a fire or a theft that occurs at work. Can you believe your information in the LTO 4 cassette will endure?

To keep your media is as significant as taking backup of your crucial information. Most of the IT managers understand the danger of data loss is quite real (that is why we take copy), but very few have a safe back-up media storage policy

Storage Should Be Fireproof And Watertight

You must not settle for anything less than waterproof and fireproof storage for your own Info Media. Look for third party certification on fireproof storage. The fireproof safes are made in such a means that it does not get incredibly hot in even after being in fire. If the internal temperature exceeds the maximum tolerance amount, the information may be lost by you on Magnetic/optical media.

Watertight evaluations are submersion certify the safes for how long they are able to stay submerged in water and analyzed.

Info Is Exposed During Transportation System Additionally

During Transportation System, the media is exposed to temperature, humidity and impacts variations. Ensure the media is safe during the transportation system additionally if you use offsite storage to your Backup Media. We advocate using LTO tape storage case for transporting your info. IBM certifies these cases and can assist you to protect your media during transportation system.


Your back-up media should be stored offsite. If not, it should be kept in an area that was safe. IT managers must look at investing in fire proof storage and case is carried by an industry standard. Without these, the back-up system is not complete.