The Advantages Of Storing Your Data Using HP LTO 6 Tapes

There are a number of methods that you may save your information for effortless retrieval when required. Disks and tapes are frequently utilized to back data up. Data backups are significant for fast retrieval when documents are lost because of a system malfunction or accidental deletion with an individual. Such scenarios will ask that you recover your information extremely fast, if possible in a couple of seconds.

There are also data which is saved for the brief term whereby you maintain a backup of documents which were produced in the past three or two months. It’s possible to recover individual records or bulk information in minutes or hours depending on the number of information. Long-term storage is archival data that could be kept for up to thirty decades. HP LTO 6 tapes are a great choice if you want to store and easily retrieve large quantities of information.

LTO Technology

This makes it popular among customers that have large amounts of information to store. The technology has been introduced to the marketplace in 2000 when LTO 1 that’s the initial generation became accessible.

The LTO production roadmap guides the constant updating of this technologies by stipulating the aims and goals of future generations.

What’s HP LTO 6?

For example, the compression ratio for information in the sixth production is 2.5:1 whereas it’s 2:1 for generations 1 through 5. HP LTO 6 identifies goods that are produced by HP.

The storage capacity for archiving information is 2.5 Terabytes whereas the storage capability for compressed information is 6.25 Terabytes. The speed of information transfer for uncompressed information is 160 MB/s while the rate for compressed information is 400 MB/s. The rest of the characteristics that are found in the preceding generations are integrated into LTO 6.

The Advantages Of Utilizing HP LTO 6

There are a variety of ways that you are able to gain from utilizing HP LTO 6 tapes. Maintaining your information in such tapes lets you conveniently save your data offsite because the tapes are mobile. Maintaining your data offsite is a great idea because your information will be safe in case a flood or fire destroys the computers which are located on your work website. The tape drive is only used when you want to copy or recover your information. This helps to ensure that the tapes are very long lasting compared to discs that keep spinning even if not in use that reduces their lifespan.

Tapes are also an offline technique of information storage that keeps your information safe from viruses that may corrupt your data making it inaccessible. You’re most likely to invest less once you save your information in tapes rather than disks.